PAT Testing

PAT Testing

Rented Property

If you are a landlord The Electrical Safety Council recommends that, you have all appliances such as electric kettles, fridges and washing machines provided as part of a tenancy agreement tested by a registered electrician at the beginning of each tenancy and at regular intervals during any long-term tenancies.

What electrical appliances are included in Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

Portable and movable equipment can include most movable appliances from kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners, irons, fan heaters through to washing machines, fridges, tumble dryers and electric cookers in domestic rented accommodation.

Commercial Property

If you run a commercial business, what equipment needs to be PAT tested and how often does need to be done?

The Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (ISITEE) splits electrical equipment into the following categories:

  • Stationary equipment: refrigerators
  • Information technology equipment: computer, fax machines, modems, telephones, printers
  • Movable (or transportable) equipment (less than 18 kg and not fixed: electric fire or equipment with wheels, castors etc. to facilitate movement to perform its intended use, example: compressor or air-conditioning unit)
  • Portable equipment (equipment that is less than 18 kg and is moved in operation, example: fan, table lamps, kettle, toaster, vacuum cleaner)
  • Hand-held equipment (portable equipment intended to be held in the hand in normal use: electric drills)

The frequency and range of inspection and tests will depend upon whether the equipment is categorised as Class I (equipment that is required to be earthed) or Class II (equipment provided with double or reinforced insulation).

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